Wednesday, September 14, 2005

password recovery

I was very lucky to be able to type this blog again.
i thought that i could never do so, this is because i have once again forgotten my password.
Anyway heres a review of what happened today

i woke up feeling a rush of anxiety in my head.
the O levels is less than 2 months away. Have I studied? Have i Revised? Have i Revised again? Am i prepared? questions like these were oscilating in my brain, my mind tumbled into a sea of anxiety and worry. Was i Prepared?
i looked through my time -table and i got a shock of my life.
there were topics that i have not revised yet!
i started very intensive today, i revised, i practiced, i did papers i did everything!
After school i was off to study group and i did a lot of intense work
i felt for the first time in my life like a emotionless mugger who could do nothing but study.
I guess i would have to start working hard to achieve 8 A1s

Friday, August 19, 2005

new time table

today me and my sec 4 friends and teachers embarked on the new intensive-training time table in order for us to get 8 A1s.
It was super energy-draining as school now ends at 3 for some and at 5 for others
i just wish that i had the energy to endure the whole day through just like the rest of my friends
but its just so exhuasting for me!!!
but i know that it will be for my own good... please give me the strength. Amen

Thursday, August 18, 2005

post prelim review

i just reviewed my prelim results and was in a state of shock and awe when i saw them
EL b4
Cl b3
EM b4
AM c6
Ph C5
Ch don't ask
HI b4
SS/ geo you don't wanna know
L1 R5 26 what the.... i guess i would have to improve and fast if i want to get 6A1s

Monday, August 15, 2005

getting better

today was an ok day...
tomorrow got oral exam and therefore I am freaking out(although i do not show it)
got back SS and as I knewI got an Excellent grade lol...E8
then it was history lol..I thoughtI was as likewise going to fail, butI managed to pass. Woah!
thenI had another interesting lesson at chem today as my teacher kept sneezingand talking at the same time

today was really an ok day

Sunday, August 14, 2005

motivation for the souls

Today was another one of those wonderful times which i enjoyed myself in British Council.
I came in and the whole room was filled with chatter or talk about the chinese result.
I too became part of this trend. I kept asking and talking about my results.
Some were happy with their results and some were not... but overall we felt that nothing else could be done. We had another of those usual lessons but the key topic was ironically on chinese.

then there was also church. The priest talked about faith that we should have towards god and the equality that jesus possesses; that a reward would be given if you are faithful and it does not matter what race, status,colour or country you are.

today was really a great day and i thank god for it!!! haha

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Victory in Defeat!

Yesterday was really my greatest down fall....
i got back my Mathematics paper only to notice that i did not get a distinction. i am so upset. only a b4 grade. what the.... This left me flabberghasted totally.

Then it was time for my chinese result. When i walked in with my friend Mun Kiat, my chinese teacher asked.. James , how much do you think you would get? in order to be humble i told him a B3.(although in my mind i was dying for a distinction). Then came the time when my results was announced. All i heard was.


i was shocked.My whole world suddenly collasped. Only a B3?All a year or 2 years of hard work and tuition gave me a B3?What the...
Then i heard the rest of my friends. Almost the rest of them got an A2 or an A1. Oh no.

So after that i was so upset that i gone straight home,then i thought to myself, why was i so sad?i reflected then i prayed. i was comforted, i even went out to play a bit of pool with my friends. all the sorrows were all left behind. The moment i got home and i started planning. i decided that the only thing that needed changing to improve my results was me. i targeted higher than my previous goals and set an intense schedule for myself. i was and still am ready to fight it out before the O levels came.